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General Articles


And Then They Will Fast - Bishop Isaiah of Denver

An examination of the history and development of fasting and its role in the life of the Orthodox Christian. more...


Holy Week Meditation and Study Guide - Fr. Andrew Demotses

A day by day account of the meaning of each service in Holy Week. more...


On Fasting - Metropolitan Maximos

The practical and spiritual dimensions of fasting, which serves as a guide in our union with the resurrected Lord. more...


The Saints of the Orthodox Church - George Bebis, Ph.D.

An examination of how saints and sainthood is understood in the Orthodox Church. more...


Tradition in the Orthodox Church - George S. Bebis PH.D.

An examination of the Orthodox Christian understanding of tradition as the history of salvation and the life of the Holy Spirit in the Church. more...


Orthodox Art and Architecture - John Yiannias  

Icons create within us a sharper awareness of the 'divine presence.' They awaken a more favorable disposition for prayer. They can imprint upon our minds a more vivid image of the idea of things, which are necessary for our spiritual growth. more...


Why Orthodox Are Not Cremated - Rev. Dr. Stanley S. Harakas

Cremation (burning the bodies of those who have died to the point of ashes) is a practice which is being "sold" as a cost-effective, space-conservative alternative to traditional burial of the body. We must take the time to learn why the Church takes such a position. more...


Daily Prayers - N. Michael Vaporis

Prayer is the spiritual food that strengthens our whole being. Prayer enables us to maintain a personal relationship with our loving God, through that intimate 'soul to Spirit' dialogue more...


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